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Aitx Partners, LLC is a Mergers and Acquisitions consulting and advisory firm offering resources to value and sell privately held companies. As part of a long-term plan for our clients, we provide specialized representation in Sale and Merger Transactions, Business Valuation, Strategic Business Plans, and Exit Strategies.


Expertise: Aitx provides a level of expertise and resources to mid-market firms that were previously only available to much larger companies. Our decades of business sale experience in this highly specialized field creates an advantage for our clients, even when negotiating with the most experienced acquirers. This sets us apart from other mergers and acquisitions firms. Reasons for engaging Aitx to facilitate the sale of your business include:


Confidentiality: You cannot sell your business yourself AND keep that sale confidential. Without a third party intermediary the moment you put word out that you are looking to sell your business, all confidentiality is lost. At Aitx, we realize that confidentiality is of prime importance. Our approach is tailored toward maintaining confidentiality throughout the entire process.


Fee Structure Designed to Align Interests: Aitx’ approach to a transaction is to heavily weight our fee into a success-based formula. Our interest then becomes aligned with the seller’s.   This alignment of interests, coupled with the professional presentation of the operational and financial aspects of your firm, serves to maximize the potential for a high value transaction and results in our success rate being considerably higher than that of the industry in general.


Business Valuation: Extensive M&A transactional experience in the middle market from both the business and legal perspectives enables us to provide an objective, professional opinion of possible range of value and likely transaction structure.


Buyers: Having had over 20 years of experience in the middle market M&A game, our extensive network of business and professional contacts and research capabilities enable us to quickly produce a targeted buyer list of likely strategic acquirers, financial buyers and private equity firms.


We strive to cultivate close personalized relationships with the owners of privately held companies. At Aitx, we never hand off work to junior associates once an agreement has been signed to represent a client company. Senior staff only works with the owners and their advisors from the beginning of a project on. Our goal is to attain an in-depth level of knowledge about the company right from the start. We recognize that every organization is different and that a high level of diligence is necessary to gain an understanding of the uniqueness of each company. It is the willingness to put in the effort to truly understand the nuances of our clients’ companies that sets us apart from many of the lesser experienced business intermediaries in the market and which ultimately becomes a facilitator of enhanced value in a successful transaction.


The Aitx Partners, LLC is located in the New York City metropolitan area.

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