Mergers and Acquisitions

Aitx Partners, LLC is an active participant in the Mergers and Acquisitions market with extensive contacts in a great many industry segments.


As a consulting and advisory firm, we provide a range of specialized professional services to middle market manufacturing, distribution, retail, technology and service companies. Aitx offers the highest level of personalized service with fees that are reasonable and fair.


Aitx Partners Seller Representation

In our initial discussions with owners and principals, we focus on the specific industry with detailed research about market segments. Our aim is to arm ourselves with the best information available to understand and achieve your goals and objectives. Our mission is to find and explore the various options to maximize your company’s value with the view toward ultimately obtaining the highest possible price for your organization.


As a business owner, the decision to sell your company creates an exciting opportunity to turn your hard work into tangible wealth. It can also be a difficult time because the stakes are high. By aligning yourself with Aitx’ experienced professionals, you can rest assured you are receiving the best possible representation.


Teaming with Aitx Partners offers the advantage of our many years of personal business ownership and experience. We have been there and we know what to expect to avoid the pitfalls along the way.


AitX Partners can take the mystery out of some of the following vital considerations:


  • Valuing the business.
  • Marketing and Selling the Business.
  • Tax and Legal Implications.
  • Confidentiality.


When you decide it is time to sell your business, call Aitx Partners for a confidential interview to discuss your options and answer your questions.  For some more detailed information on the sale process please see our section on Sales and Divestitures



Aitx Partners Buy side Representation

Our goal is to understand the specific acquisition criteria to find the best possible fit at the right price with the best possible terms. We will help you identify the right financing sources for the type of assistance best suited to your particular circumstances. We will work closely with your management team to address strategic compatibility, identify infrastructure issues, and advise on post-merger corporate culture integration issues.


A successful acquisition search is a more challenging undertaking than finding a purchaser for a seller. Quality acquisition opportunities are very difficult to find because they require focus, diligence, experience and knowing where to look. The majority of buyers approach this process in the traditional manner; by searching websites, contacting business brokers, looking in newspapers, etc.

But that approach really is a hit or miss, needle in a haystack proposition. It is lengthy and typically unearths many under-performing and over-valued businesses while seldom locating a quality company. But, more importantly, that approach also places each buyer in competition against every one else using the same open resources to identify a business opportunity. But engaging Aitx in a targeted acquisition search can eliminate many of the disadvantages inherent in going it alone.


A targeted acquisition search by a professional M&A adviser can identify many more interested sellers than any internet list method.  Over the course of our day-to-day operations we often encounter business owners who express to us that they would be interested in selling if we had a specific buyer to go to, but they are not interested in putting their company up for sale on the open market.  The upshot is that more opportunities exist than can be found on a Google search, but it takes focused effort and direct person to person contact to uncover them.


Working on your behalf, Aitx implements a well honed business acquisition search strategy to approach a highly targeted list of identified potential sellers. We make the owners of these companies aware that we represent a motivated and qualified acquirer specifically seeking a company in their industry. Our experience has proven it out time and again that this tailored and personal approach will generate significant activity. Even owners who haven’t previously considered selling their company often will engage when approached in this manner by a professional M&A firm. More often than most people think a business owner maybe ready to sell but just doesn’t know how to go about finding a buyer. Aitx understands how to approach an owner and make the first inquiry.

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