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The decision to sell your company is never easy. Unlike a piece of property, a business is more like a living, breathing organism. Many owners of closely held companies find that a large percentage of their family’s net worth is tied up in the equity of their business, and the sale of the business is the likely to be the biggest transaction they will ever undertake. It is crucial, therefore, to have the assistance of a seasoned professional during this process. You do not have the luxury of experiencing a learning curve about the process when you only have one chance to get it right.


Aitx can be your resource for the following important considerations:


  • Determine the true value range of your company.
  • Prepare the financial documents and descriptive memoranda that support the high end of the valuation range.
  • Devise a highly targeted marketing plan to get to the right decision makers who will likely have genuine interest in the company.
  • Identify the potential buyers who offer the best fit with the goals of the owner.
  • Prepare for, and hold confidential meetings with, potential buyers.
  • Solicit Letters of Intent from multiple buyers.
  • Negotiate amongst the bidders for your company to leverage the best possible offer.
  • Work with the owner’s other professional advisors (CPA’s and Attorneys) to craft a deal structure to maximize return and minimize risk from both an immediate and long term tax strategy.
  • Manage the due diligence process and coordinate the closing.


Aitx provides a personalized level of service to our clients. We work closely with our clients from the initial exploratory stages right through to the closing, all the while following a professional formula and offering M&A expertise and practical advice along the way. While every company is different and each situation unique ultimately, the process of selling a business is best served by following a set of proven processes and techniques designed to appeal to the most likely strategic and financial buyers. But while the process may follow a general formula, the human touch is what separates a successful transaction from an unproductive waste of time and effort. It is for this reason that we go to great lengths to gain an understanding of the uniqueness of your company. By really digging into the nuances that make your business unique, we can craft a tailored marketing plan designed to drive transaction value to the most favorable deal attainable.


Our many years of experience have shown us over and over that the biggest mistake a seller of a company can make is to take their foot off the accelerator during the sale process. A shift in their attention away from running their company to selling it can have a negative impact on the day to day operations that could result in a lower selling price. By hiring Aitx Partners as your M&A adviser, it allows you to concentrate on running your business while we handle all the aspects of the sale.


Of utmost importance to all clients is the knowledge that we will maintain complete confidentiality until disclosure is absolutely necessary and approved by you. This protects the interests of your company and, along with it, your personal interest and your employees’ interest as well.


Aitx Partners employs proactive methods to ensure confidentiality in the business sale. We will not disclose a client’s identity or other confidential information without our client’s approval. If desired, the descriptive memorandum and all marketing materials will only reference a client number, in lieu of name or location, and no material produced by Aitx will be disseminated without prior client approval. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements are required to be signed by all potential acquirers. We view confidentiality concerns as one of our prime missions and precautions are taken to protect confidentiality in a way that would not be possible without the involvement of a professional M&A adviser.

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